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Bali's Reality Check

Aku mikirin hal random belakangan ini, Bali. Yes, our little slice of paradise isn't feeling quite as paradise-y these days. Permainan politik, sampah, SDM rendah, and the fact that our culture's getting a bit lost in all the modern chaos, aku bingung kayak: where are we headed?

I mean, Bali's still stunning and all. But it's like we're losing some of that special sauce. Tourists used to flock here for the whole Bali experience, but now? It feels like they're starting to look elsewhere. Bahkan tourist local.

And it's not just about the tourists—it's hitting us locals too. Higher taxes, sketchy accommodations, crime creeping up (kebayakan dari luar Bali)... it's not exactly the island life we signed up for. But what really keeps me up at night is thinking about my son, also our generations. Bali's pretty much all about tourism. Bukan seperti tempat/ city lain di Indonesia where you've got a mix of industries, we're putting all our eggs in one tourism-shaped basket. If things keep sliding downhill like this, what's gonna happen to them?

Should we just need to clean up our act, karena kalau act i dunno musti ngapain. Satu suara dari orang yang gak terkenal kan gak baa efek apa - apa ya?

So i'm here's to hoping we can get our groove back, Bali style. 'Cause if we all pitch in, I reckon we can keep the magic alive for generations to come.


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